Munayco Law, P.C. is a public oriented law office. Our goal is to provide affordable legal services to everyone. Unlike other law firms, we offer reduced hourly rates. Do not expect to pay high hourly rates which usually average at $450.00 per hour or more. Do not expect to pay high retainer deposits ($9000 or more).  We offer services at a sliding scale (starting at $200 dollars per hour). Your hourly rate will be determined by your gross yearly income which is income earned from all sources, usually as declared in your tax filings.

Our initial in person consultation fee is $100.00 for up to one hour. 

Any additional consultations which are scheduled with the office shall be charged at $100.00 per hour.

Our office accepts payments by cash, money order, checks (subject to a $50.00 fee for bounced checks) and credit cards.

For those who are unable to pay a retainer deposit, Our office offers services on a specific task or limited scope bases. Depending on your particular needs these services are offered on a flat fee, pay as you go basis.

Family Law Consulting (No Legal Representation):

For those needing a more in-depth consultation and analysis of the case that goes beyond their initial in person consultation, we offer this type of consultation which allows for the opportunity to have an attorney advise them, without needing the attorney to come to court or prepare documents.  The service is $200.00 per hour without a deposit

With this service you can get the following:

*  Developing legal strategies for coaching on how to prepare for a court hearing, settlement conference, mediation or trial.

*  Reviewing of all documents, related to your particular issue.

*  Assisting in the calculation to determine child support or spousal support.

*  Analyzing disclosure and discovery documents in assisting to develop a settlement proposal.

*  Explaining and coaching in all stages of the divorce process including discovery.

Attorney-Assisted Document Preparation, Processing and Attorney Instruction On Next Steps (No Legal Representation).  

This is a great option when you only need an attorney to prepare your legal documents and guidance on how to represent yourself in court.  Attorney-assisted document preparation is different than working with a Legal Document Assistant (formerly known as a paralegal) because an attorney is licensed to give you legal advice, something an LDA cannot legally provide you.  

Same day document preparation is charged at $150.00 per hour, without paying a deposit.  Most documents require a three hour appointment, however you are only charged for the actual time needed to prepare documents. This may be less than the three hours or more than the three hours depending on your particular situation. Documents are prepared during this meeting time with the attorney.  Please note, that you are only paying the attorney for their time to assist in the document preparation and not for any additional court filing fees, processing fees, administrative fees, or other fees which may be required in your particular situation. The attorney will advise you if you are eligible for a court fee waiver.

Uncontested/Amicable Divorce Flat Fee Service. 

This service is for those who have resolved all of their issues; they have agreements regarding division of their assets, debts, spousal support, child support, custody and visitation.

Please note the fee is for the retention of the attorney in assisting with preparation of all of the documents required to initiate and finalize your divorce. This fee does not include additional charges as may be required by the court for filing, process serving, preparation of QDROS, and any other fee which may be required for your particular needs. You will be charged those fees in addition to the attorney fee.  Following our initial consultation the attorney will be able to assess your particular needs and give you a flat fee amount. You will only pay this amount for the services and nothing more.

Pre-and Postnuptial Agreements:  We can assist with  preparation or review.  We will charge you a flat fee for this service.  This includes having an attorney represent your legal interests.

Attorney, Limited Scope-Representation (Limited Scope Representation). 

Limited Scope means you retain an attorney for a particular task and not for full handling of your case. This is a great option when you want an attorney to assist you on a particular task while you handle the rest of your case on your own.  You will be charged a flat fee which is prepaid. With this type of service you will pay as quoted nothing more and nothing less. 

The fee you are paying is for the retention of the attorney’s services. This does not include any filing fees, expert fees, processing fees, or any other fees which may be required in your particular matter. You will be charged those fees in addition to the attorney fee.

Limited scope representation can be useful in the following examples and many other situations as you may need them:

*  Preparation of motions and first court appearance:  This includes preparing the motion, meeting and conferring with the other party, preparing and attending the first court hearing. 

*  Trial Preparation (no court appearance):  This includes preparation of trial brief, legal research, witness interviews, preparation of exhibits and trial binders.

*  Court representation regular hearing or trial:  Flat fee per half day or per full day. 

*  Preparation for Settlement Conferences: This includes preparation of settlement conference statement, meeting and conferring with the opposing party, attending the first settlement conference hearing.

*  Any other particular need will be quoted during your consultation with the attorney.